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National agriculture and rural development bank (NABARD) has helped Farmer club member’s to meet the agriculture scientists for interactions. The chief guest for this was Hon’ble MLA Shri. Budida Bikshamaiah from Aler constituency has lit the lamp. In this programme Shri Narsimha Rao, JDA, Nalgonda, Shri P Hanumantha Rao Project director APMIP Nalgonda, Shri P. J. James LDM, Nalgonda, Shri Gopala Krishna scientist Eruvaka centre, Shri Madhava Reddy AD Sericulture, Shri K Giri Verternary doctor and SIRI VOLUNTARY ORGANIZATION leader Shri E Srinivas has participated and explained the importance of traditional farming, micro level farming, mulberry and silk worm farming.

The suggestions given by agriculture scientists will help farmers to get higher yields in their farming. They have also suggested the farmers to adopt the traditional ways of farming by using latest technology, lesser fertilizers and chemicals to save the soil nutrients.

Speaking on the occasion Shri P Hanumantha Rao Project Director APMIP, Nalgonda has said that through micro irrigation project they are offering sprinklers to farmers at subsidized prices and they are ready to provide sprinklers for 6186 acres of land in the district he requested the farmers to utilize this opportunity.

Shri Narasimha Rao has said that the nations GDP is dependent on farmers. He also suggested farmers to adopt traditional farming to get higher yields and not to use too many pesticides and incur huge expenses and commit suicides for not getting better yield.

Shri Budida Bikshamaiah Goud, MLS, Aler has appreciated the work done by NABARD. By organizing such programmes it will help farmers to understand and adopt the latest technology and the officials should continue to share suggestions to farmers.